Local public bath”Sento”

Local public bath "Sento" / Reisenyu

Reisenyu / Night appearance / Neon / 2014

松原 豊  Local public bath “Sento”



撮影 4×5inch大型カメラ、アナログフィルム使用

Matsubara Yutaka / Local public bath “Sento”

In Japan, there are unique mass culture places called “Sento (public bath)”.
I am currently taking documentary photographs of “Sento” in place where I live, Mie prefecture (known for Ise Jingu and Suzuka Circuit).
“Sento” are decreasing due to aging of facilities and managers, but there are a lot of male bath and female bath with different wall drawings, which makes the design also to be interesting and pleasant.
Also, could find historical marks in old “Sento”, expressing the passage of time and lived-in feeling, from old, long time used peculiar places (like cracked tiles lining on the wall).
Will present Japan’s mass culture, “Sento”, which soon may disappear, by detailed documentary photographs.

Shot by 4×5 inch camera with analog film

松原 豊 Local public bath “Sento”





Local public bath "Sento" / Reisenyu

Reisenyu / Day appearance / 2014

Local public bath "Sento"

Kasuga Onsen / Woman bath / 2014

Local public bath "Sento" / Tokiwayu

Tokiwayu / Man bath /2014